Secondary Credentials Required

Table of Grades (табели /табель), or Supplement to the Diploma (илова ба дипломи / приложение к диплому) and Certificate of General Secondary Education (шаҳодатнома дар бораи таҳсилоти миёнаи умумӣ / свидетельство об общем среднем образовании), Certificate of Secondary Education ( аттестат дар бораи маълумоти миёна / аттестат о среднем образовании), or professional school diploma (Дипломи/Диплом)

If you have completed a post-secondary (university level) degree, you typically do not need to submit secondary school documents for evaluation, unless specifically requested by the U.S. institution, employer or licensing board requiring the evaluation report. Please see the Post-secondary Credentials Required section below.

Post-secondary Credentials Required

Diploma (Дипломи/Диплом) and Supplement to the Diploma (илова ба дипломи / приложение к диплому). For incomplete programs, Academic Record (маълумотномаи академӣ / академическая справка ) issued by the Rector’s office


Takik; Tajik / Russian

Any document not in English must be accompanied by a complete, precise, word-for-word English translation. English translations may be done yourself or by any language translation agency or university language department.  You may submit copies of translations as they will not be returned to students.

Important Information

  • One Earth will not accept photocopied, scanned or notarized copies of academic documents except when the authenticity of the credentials can be directly verified by the issuing institution, examination board or ministry.
  • One Earth reserves the right to contact your institution, examining board or educational authorities to verify the authenticity of your documents.  If your documents are found to be altered, fabricated or otherwise inauthentic, they will not be returned, no evaluation report will be issued, no refund given and all appropriate authorities will be notified.
  • One Earth does not evaluate non-academic occupational or trade qualifications.

Please direct any questions regarding document submission to: Documents@OneEarthEvaluations.org