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One Earth’s primary goal is to assist international students in their academic journey and to help make your international admission process informed, consistent and efficient. 

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As a small business, we take the time and have the flexibility to meet your specific needs. We work with institutions in a variety of ways:

Institutional Requests

Gather academic documents and request an evaluation directly from One Earth.  If staff time, resources, and/or expertise are limited One Earth is a great alternative to in-house evaluation. It can also be a time and money saving benefit for your students and an incentive to apply to your institution.

Student Referrals

Refer applicants to One Earth for evaluation of their international credentials and/or include One Earth on your list of accepted credential evaluation companies.  One Earth communicates with you and your applicants throughout the process to ensure a smooth and positive experience from start to finish.

Short-term Contracting

 Outsource to One Earth during times of high application volume, recruitment seasons, or staff leave of absence. One Earth can take the place of having a personal credential evaluator on staff, ensuring you won’t have any interruptions or delays in your admission process.

Customized Training

Customized, hands-on training for your university staff and faculty with One Earth, providing opportunities for education regarding systems of education, evaluation methodologies, fraud detection and prevention, and building a resource library.  One Earth will coach your staff to provide new skills, confidence and consistency.

The benefits

Whether your institution manages credential evaluation in-house, outsources the process entirely, or manages a combination thereof, we invite you to experience the benefits of working with One Earth.

Competitive fees

Prompt turnaround time

Personal communication

Strict documentation policy

Extensive resource library

Responsible research

Clear, concise evaluations

Active membership in trusted professional organizations

Teaching and training at the local, national and international levels

Questions or comments? 

Contact us to discuss working with One Earth International Credential Evaluations. 
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