Documents required

Please find your country of education below to determine which academic credentials are required and how to submit them.

Further information about document submission, including a guide to sending credentials electronically, can be found below the country selection.

Country of Education

    Types of Documents

    Whenever possible, it is always preferable to have official academic credentials sent directly to One Earth from your institution, exam board or ministry. 

    In some cases, this is the required method of submission.
    You may use (but are not required to use) our  request for release of academic documents form.

    Please review the required documents carefully, as submission of incomplete or incorrect credentials will delay the evaluation process. 

    If you did not find your country in this list or have any questions or concerns about the documentation you are required to submit, do not hesitate to contact us on


    One of the most common questions we get asked is: Can my documents be sent to you via email? The answer is: Maybe! Please review our guidelines regarding electronic submission of academic credentials here:

    Electronic Credential Submission Guide

    Advances in technology, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, have changed the way people work and process documents. Electronic submission reduces processing time, mailing cost, risk of loss or damage and is better for the environment. However, electronic submission can also come with security concerns and an important part of our job is to ensure that the credentials we evaluate are authentic.

    Many institutions and exam boards are working with trusted digital document providers for secure transfer of academic credentials electronically.

    Approved methods of electronic submission include:

        • Electronic Transcript Exchange Registry (ETX)
        • Digitary
        • Worldwide Transcripts (India)
        • TrueCopy (India)
        • My eQuals (Australia & New Zealand)
        • EXT-NG (Nigeria)
        • CSSD (China)

    We also may be able to receive your credentials via email directly from your issuing institution, provided we can verify the source and sender of the email. Secure electronic documents should be sent in PDF format directly from a verifiable email address of the institution to Please ask the institution to include your full name in the subject line.

    Additionally, many credentials can be verified directly through institutions, exam boards and/or ministries of education. This might include access to examination results through the examination board website, verification of your results using an access code, ministry or institutional database of graduates, blockchain verification, etc. If your credentials can be verified directly through a trusted means, you are welcome to send a clear, legible scan (PDF) of your credentials yourself to Please be sure to include your full name in the subject line.


    One Earth will let you know if your credentials can be verified, or if additional information or documentation is required.

    Details on documentation: 

    One Earth reserves the right to contact your issuing institution, examining board or education authorities to verify your credentials at any time; we will notify applicants of any delay or additional information required.

    Evaluation reports will not be prepared until after all requested documentation, information or verification is received.

    If fraudulent, forged or altered academic documents are submitted, they will not be returned to you, no evaluation report will be prepared, no refund will be issued, and all appropriate parties will be notified.

    Documents set to go?