Secondary Credentials Required

Standard X (Grade 10) and Standard XII (Grade 12) certificates, or equivalent

Please check to see if your examinations can be verified through your exam board results portal.  If so, you may upload a PDF of your exam results (front and back) to our application portal, or send them to with your name in the subject line.  Please include any information needed to verify your results (i.e. roll number, admit card number, etc.).  Alternatively, if your verified results can be obtained from DigiLocker, you may submit these.  If these options are not available for your credentials, please ask your exam board to send the results to us directly, or make arrangements to send or bring your original credentials to us by postal mail or in person.

If you have completed a post-secondary (university level) degree, you typically do not need to submit secondary school documents for evaluation, unless specifically requested by the U.S. institution, employer or licensing board requiring the evaluation report. Please see the Post-secondary Credentials Required section below.

Post-secondary Credentials Required

Individual (yearly or semester-wise) statements of marks for each examination attempt, including failed or repeated exams issued by the proper authority at your degree-granting university or autonomous college (e.g. Registrar or Controller of Examinations). Consolidated statement of marks can be accepted if it includes month/year of passing.  “College Record” or “College Transcript” from affiliated colleges, attestations by college professors or notary publics are not accepted.

Please check to see if your results can be verified through your university results portal, or DigiLocker.  If so, you may upload a PDF of your marksheets and degree to our application form, or send them to  Please include any information we need to verify your results (i.e. roll number, login, etc.).  Otherwise, please arrange to have your credentials sent to us directly by your degree-granting institution, or through TrueCopy (  If you are currently living in the U.S. and have your original marksheets and degree with you, please contact One Earth to inquire about sending orignal credentials.



Any document not in English must be accompanied by a complete, precise, word-for-word English translation. English translations may be done yourself or by any language translation agency or university language department.  You may submit copies of translations as they will not be returned to students.

Important Information

  • One Earth will not accept photocopied, scanned or notarized copies of academic documents except when the authenticity of the credentials can be directly verified by the issuing institution, examination board or ministry.
  • One Earth reserves the right to contact your institution, examining board or educational authorities to verify the authenticity of your documents.  If your documents are found to be altered, fabricated or otherwise inauthentic, they will not be returned, no evaluation report will be issued, no refund given and all appropriate authorities will be notified.
  • One Earth does not evaluate non-academic occupational or trade qualifications.

Please direct any questions regarding document submission to: