Application Instructions

Please be sure to review our documents required by country before submitting your application to ensure you understand and can comply with our documentation requirements and are ready to request / send the necessary documents.  Incomplete or insufficient submission of credentials will delay the process and may result in your application being canceled.  Applications received without credentials are held for 6 months.  

Part of our job is to ensure that the academic credentials you are submitting are authentic – that they belong to you, have been legitimately earned, and have not been fabricated, altered, or otherwise manipulated. 

If you do not have a legitimately earned, authentic academic credential, STOP: Do not continue with this application. 
If we find that your credentials are not authentic, no evaluation report will be issued, no refund will be given, and all appropriate authorities will be notified. 

Section 1: Personal Information


  • Please list your current legal name as it appears on your passport or other official identification.  This should also match your name as it appears on your academic credentials. 
  • If your name is different than it appears on your academic credentials (i.e. your name has changed due to marriage), please explain in the provided box below and e-mail us a copy of your proof of name change (i.e. marriage certificate).
  • The e-mail for sending documents is: .
    Please attach the document as a PDF and include your full name in the subject line.
    OR Upload a PDF copy of your proof of name change (i.e. marriage certificate) 

Date of Birth: 

  • Please choose the day, month, and year of your birth.  This must match the date of birth on your legal identification and academic credentials. 


  • This question is optional and is not required to proceed with your evaluation request.


  • Please take care to type your e-mail address carefully, completely, and correctly – this is the primary way we will be communicating with you throughout the evaluation process. 


  • Please type your complete phone number, including country code (if outside of the U.S.). 


Postal Address: 

  • Please take care to provide us with a complete and correct postal address.  This should include any and all house numbers, street names, apartment or unit numbers, city, state/province/ region, postal code and country.  This address should be where you are currently residing.  Your evaluation report and any academic credentials you need returned will be sent to the postal address you indicate here. 

  • If you would like your documents sent to an address where you are not currently residing (i.e. a family member or friend in the U.S.), please be sure to indicate the name of the recipient to whom the envelope should be addressed in care of (c/o).  One Earth is not responsible for documents not delivered due to insufficient addresses.

Section II: Academic History

Country of Education: 

  • Please list the name of the country where you received your academic credentials.  You may list more than one country if your educational credentials were obtained in more than one country.
  • Please note, One Earth Evaluations only evaluates non-U.S. credentials.  


Level of Education: 

  • Please indicate whether you require an evaluation of only secondary credentials, only post-secondary credentials, or both secondary and post-secondary credentials.  Typically, if you have completed a post-secondary degree, you do not need secondary credentials evaluated.  

Secondary education refers to the U.S. equivalent of high school.  This typically takes place after primary education and is followed by higher (post-secondary) education or employment.  Examples of secondary credentials include Senior School Certificate Examination, General Certificate of Secondary Education, Bachillerato, Baccalaureat, etc.

Post-secondary education, also known as tertiary education, is the education level that follows the successful completion of secondary education (high school).  Post-secondary education includes universities, colleges and institutes of higher education and leads to academic qualifications such as Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Titulo, etc.

Name of Institution: 

  • This is the name of the educational institution (school/college/university) you attended in your country and from where you require credentials to be evaluated.  


Dates of Attendance: 

  • Please indicate the month and year you began your studies at the above-named institution and the month and year you ended (or will end) your studies at the above-named institution.
  • Please indicate whether you have completed your studies and received a qualification, or if your studies are incomplete or in progress.

Please indicate the name of the credential (qualification/degree) you received as it appears on your credentials (i.e. Bachillerato, Licence, Magister, etc.)

You have partial studies (i.e. academic transcript), but left your program of study before completing all requirements and have not earned a final degree qualification. 

In progress:
You have partial studies (i.e. academic transcript) but are currently enrolled and plan to successfully complete your degree requirements in the near future.    

  • If you attended more than one institution or have more than one credential, please add them here as needed.

Section III: Academic Credential Submission

There are several options for submitting your documents, depending on your country of education and level of study.  Please let us know how we should expect your credentials to arrive.  Remember – submission of your academic credentials is your responsibility!  We cannot request your credentials on your behalf.  

1. From your Institution, Ministry, or Exam Board: 
If your institution, Ministry of Education or Exam Board can send the credentials to us
directly, please ask them to do so.  We can accept physical credentials by post or electronically (by e-mail), as long as we can verify the source of the e-mail as secure and official (not a personal e-mail address, like Gmail). Documents received directly from your institution, Ministry or Exam Board become the property of One Earth Evaluations and are not returned to you. 

Posted documents should be sent to our postal address: 

One Earth Evaluations
2858 University Avenue, No. 243
Madison, WI 53705

Secure, electronic documents should be a PDF with your full name in the subject line sent to: 

It is helpful if your credentials can be combined into a single PDF labeled with your name. 


2. Official Copies:
Official copies refer to copies of your original credentials attested/stamped/signed by a proper degree-granting authority (i.e. Registrar, Controller of Examinations) placed in a sealed envelope and given to you for submission to us.  These documents become the property of One Earth and will not be returned to you.  Plain photocopies or notary copies will not be accepted.  

3. Verifiable Scans:
We can only accept scans of your academic credentials if they can be verified through a trusted source. 

  • Examples of a trusted source include: Examination results portal (i.e. West African Examinations Council, Central Board of Secondary Education); Ministry of Education database (i.e. Turkey, Dominican Republic, Ukraine); University diploma verification or graduation list.

If your credentials  can be verified, please e-mail a clear, legible PDF with your full name in the subject line, as well as the information required for verification (i.e. link to results portal, verification code, ID number, results check serial number/pin, etc.).  to: 


4. Original credentials:
If the first three options outlined above are not available for your credentials, you may submit your original documents.  Original documents refer to first-issue documents you have in your possession that were given to you by your institution, Ministry or exam board when you completed your studies.  All original documents are subject to further verification at our discretion.  We will return all original documents to you (unless they are found to be inauthentic). 

You may post your original credentials to our postal address: 

One Earth Evaluations
2858 University Avenue, No. 243
Madison, WI 53705

We strongly recommend sending your original credentials via a secure mail service with tracking and requesting the same service in return (see section on “Mail Service” below).  One Earth is not responsible for documents lost in the mail. 

If you are residing in or near Madison, WI, we welcome you to make an appointment to bring your original credentials into our office personally.  Please note that the postal address above is not our physical office location.  Please e-mail to request an appointment time to bring your original credentials into our Madison, WI office in person.  We will make a copy of your credentials and return them to you right away.

Section IV: Evaluation Details

Please select the type of evaluation you require:  

General: includes U.S. degree equivalence and GPA (grade point average).  A general evaluation is typically required for secondary (high school) graduates enrolling at university in the U.S. for the first time.  This is also sufficient for some university degree-holders applying for further studies (master’s or PhD) and for many types of employment.

The cost of a general evaluation for one credential (e.g. secondary leaving certificate / high school diploma) is $90

If you need a general evaluation of two credentials (e.g. secondary leaving certificate / high school diploma + bachelor’s degree), the cost of evaluation is $120

If you need a general evaluation of three credentials (e.g. secondary leaving certificate / high school diploma + bachelor’s degree + master’s degree), the cost of evaluation is $150

Course-by-course: includes U.S. degree equivalence and GPA (grade point average), as well as a comprehensive list of all post-secondary course names with U.S. grade and semester credit equivalent.  This is typically required for anyone who will be transferring university-level coursework to a U.S. university as well as for admission to further studies (master’s or PhD) and for some types of licensure (e.g. CPA, teaching).

The cost of a course-by-course evaluation for one credential (e.g. bachelor’s degree) is $180

If you need a course-by-course evaluation of two credentials (e.g. bachelor’s degree + master’s degree), the cost of evaluation is $220

If you need a course-by-course evaluation of three credentials (e.g. bachelor’s degree + master’s degree + post-graduate diploma), the cost of evaluation is $260

A general evaluation of secondary credentials can be added to any course-by-course evaluation request for $40

If you require an evaluation for further education, employment or licensure purposes, please check with the U.S. institution, employer or licensing board to verify which type of report is needed.


Processing Time: 

  • Standard processing time is 5 – 7 business days.  This time starts when we receive your application, payment and all necessary academic credentials.  This does not include holidays [link to contact page on our website for list of holiday closures] or weekends.  

Rush service is available for additional cost:
3-day rush (+$80)
1-day (24 hour) rush (+$150)


Mail Service:
Please choose how you would like your evaluation report and any original credentials you submit returned to you.  

Regular mail is included in the cost of evaluation services.  Regular mail is sent through the U.S. postal service (standard, stamped envelope) and in the hands of your local postal carrier.  Regular mail is perfectly safe and reliable in most instances but does not come with a tracking number.  

If you would like tracking, you must choose:

Certified mail : +$15; U.S. postal service – U.S. addresses only

Domestic courier: +$25 – UPS ground, FedEx or DHL – U.S. addresses only

International courier: +$60 – FedEx or DHL – international (non-U.S.) addresses

Tracking is highly recommended if you are sending original academic credentials you would like returned.
One Earth is not responsible for items lost in the mail.  


Evaluation Report Recipient(s): 

  • The cost of evaluation includes 2 copies of the evaluation report – one sent to you on your postal address you’ve provided above and one sent to the institution/employer/licensing board to which you are applying.  Please let us know to whom the evaluation report should be sent by choosing one of our partner institutions in the drop-down menu, or by filling in the name and contact of the recipient in the open field below.   
  •  If you would like both copies be sent to you, please indicate this choice by checking the box.  


Additional Copies: 

  • If you require more than 2 copies of your evaluation report, additional copies can be requested for $20 each. 
  • Please indicate how many additional copies you would like and where you would like those additional copies sent.  

Additional copies can be requested up to 5 years after evaluation reports are issued; after 5 years, a new evaluation request will need to be made. 

Unofficial Results: 

  • Official evaluation reports are printed on special tamper-proof paper with safety features to prevent editing or duplication; therefore, official evaluation reports are printed and physically posted to applicants.  To protect the integrity of the evaluation report, we do not e-mail reports to students.  However, if you are anxious to know the results of your evaluation report before your copy arrives by post, you can choose to receive unofficial results via e-mail. This unofficial copy is for your reference only. 
  • We have an arrangement to send completed evaluation reports to our partner institutions directly electronically, so they will receive them right away.  


Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions: 

  • By checking the box and signing your name to the application, you are confirming that the information you have provided is true and correct and that you have understood our terms and conditions.
  • It is important that you read the terms and conditions carefully and understand them completely.

For more information about the timeline and cost of applying please visit our FAQ page.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us by e-mail or phone: