• Course-by-Course Evaluation

Course-by-Course Evaluation



The general evaluation report includes an overview of previous education:
     • name of institution
     • recognition in the home country
     • years of study
     • qualification received
     • equivalent U.S. qualification
     • overall grade point average converted to a U.S. 4.0 grading scale

Two copies of the report are created within our standard 5-7 business days.  Rush and mail services are available upon checkout.

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Please note:
1. Evaluation reports are only prepared after all requested documentation, information and fees are received. Failure to provide complete application information or insufficient documents will delay the process.  Please follow application instructions carefully.
2. Occasionally, credentials require additional research or verification; One Earth will notify applicants of any delay or additional information required.
3. All evaluation reports and documents are returned to students via regular post unless courier service is purchased.
4. If you request a course-by-course evaluation and One Earth determines that your institution is not equivalent to a recognized (accredited) institution, only a general report will be prepared and One Earth will refund the difference in evaluation fees ($65).  This is the only time a refund may be issued; all other fees are non-refundable.